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  • medical equipments, medical materials, graphic touch screens, anaesthesia machines, ventilators, portable ventilators, operation tables, operating lamps, operation room tables, operation room equipments, intensive care ventilators, patient monitors, modular patient monitors, anaesthesia equipments, medical equipment, medical material, graphic touch screen, anaesthesia machine, ventilator, portable ventilator, operation table, operating lamp, operation room table, operation room equipment, intens
    We manufacture and supply medical equipments, medical materials, graphic touch screens, anaesthesia machines, ventilators, portable ventilators, operation tables, operating lamps,
    Telephone: +90 312 394 45 67 Address: İvogsan Öz Anadolu San. Sit. 22. Cd. 1462. Sk. No:16, Ostim, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • vacuum cleaner, home appliances, household appliances, hair dryer, teapots, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, toaster, toaster machine, kitchen appliances, ventilator, electric frying pans, potato fryer, deep fryer, cooker sets, electric heater, electric heaters, heater, heaters, heating systems, electric heating equipments, microwave oven, mincing machine, mincing machines, cooker hood, kitchen hood, pressure cooker, electric grill, gas cooker, gas cookers, hotplate, water heaters, carpet cleaner,
    Our company has passed since the establishment 10 years experience in the process, he gained the trust of business ethics and Turkish companies to protect the interests of
    Telephone: +90 212 632 58 04 Address: Aksaray Mahallesi, Çakırağa Camii Sokak, Uğur Palas Apartman No: 6, D:3, İstanbul. Turkey
  • ventilators, ventilator, air conditioning systems, air conditioning, ventilating, low-pressure ventilator, medium pressure ventilator, high-pressure ventilators, axial fans, axial fan, cellular ventilator, air conditioning plants, heat recovery device, rotor
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of ventilators, ventilator, air conditioning systems, air conditioning, ventilating, low-pressure ventilator, medium pressure ventilator,
    Telephone: +90 212 549 58 45 Address: İOSB Demirciler Sanayi Sitesi D1 Blok No: 272 Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • air filter solution, axial fan, axial-flow fan, belt driven, cabinet fans, centrifugal fan, clamp, clamps, direct driven fan, duct casing fans, ex-proof, exhaust duty, high pressure ventilator, hose clamp, industrial fan, low pressure ventilator, medium pressure ventilator, nicotra, plug fans, radial fan, roof extract fan, roof fan, smoke extract axial flow, speacial fans
    Our solutions in industriel area for air moviment equipment and Vantilator since 2002. Manufactured in Turkey and Italia. Also, We produces industrial connection equipment ( clamp
    Telephone: +90 212 613 55 20 Address: Orta Mahallesi Topkapi Maltepe Caddesi Nur Han No 28/30 K:3 Istanbul, 34030 Bayrampasa/ISTANBUL
  • radyal ventilator, ventilation, axial ventilator, industrial ventilator, industrial dust filter, mist collector, oil mist filter, welding fume collection
    Industrial ventilator and filter unit
    Telephone: 0(542)4959361 Address: Fevzi çakmak Mh. 10722 sk. no:12
  • fan, bulb, bulbs, ventilator, ventilators, led tube fluorescent, led strip fitting, led slim panel, square led slim panel, led high ceiling, led projector, led glass bulb, led ralina bulb, led linear fitting, led office fitting, fans, tube fluorescent, tube fluorescents, led tube fluorescent, fluorescent, led band fittings, band fitting, armature, armatures, band fittings, led slim panels, slim panels, slim panel, panel, panels, square led slim panels, square slim panels, square slim panel, slim
    Since establishing our company Gokhan Electronics LTD.in 1986, providing high-quality products and maximum customer satisfaction is our mission. We have been taking the advantage
    Telephone: +90 212 553 07 03 Address: Sanayi Mahallesi, Avcılar Caddesi, No:6, Güngören İstanbul, Turkey
  • grid, grid listing, listing, consulting, financial consulting, mortgage, expat banking, trade, international trade, preferred hotel, preferred hotels, hotel, hotels, furnishing, sightseeing, organizations, real estate agents, the real estate business, real estate business, accommodation, rent, renting, transportation, transport, international transportation, consultancy, consulting, intermediate trade, agency, insurance, cover, aids to trade, door, doors, window, windows, blinds, shutte, Mixers, Shower sets, Sanitary, Sutures, Faucets, Catheters, Varicose, Dental Syringes, Blood Gas Syringes, Scalp Vein Sets, Spinal needles, ETC Surgical Lights, Endoscopy Accessories, Orthopedic equipments, Medical products, Medical equipments, Transport Ventilator, Portable Suction
    Having experience under a well disciplined banking sector, we offer a lot more than a regular company in different sectors. We promise for a reliable and professional services for
    Telephone: +90 212 243 96 97 Address: Gümüşsuyu-Dünya Sağlık Sokak, Opera İş Merk. No: 25/8A, Taksim, Beyoğlu
  • ventilators, transport ventilators, portable ventilators, smart ventilators, respirators, respiratory equipments, portable respirators, professional ventilators, aspirators, suction units, oxygen systems, neonatal ventilators, neonatal transport ventilators, neonatal portable ventilators, home care ventilators, home care transport ventilators, home care portable ventilators, ventilators for baby, transport ventilators for baby, portable ventilators for baby, respirators for baby, respiratory equipments for baby, portable respirators for baby, professional ventilators for baby, ventilators for kids, transport ventilators for kids, portable ventilators for kids, respirators for kids, respiratory equipments for kids, portable respirators for kids, professional ventilators for kids, ventilators for patients, transport ventilators for patients, portable ventilators for patients, respirators for patients, respiratory equipments for patients, portable respirators for patients, professional ventilators for patients, ventilator, transport ventilator, portable ventilator, smart ventilator, respirator, respiratory equipment, portable respirator, professional ventilator, aspirator, suction unit, oxygen system, neonatal ventilator, neonatal transport ventilator, neonatal portable ventilator, home care ventilator, home care transport ventilator, home care portable ventilator, ventilator for baby, transport ventilator for baby, portable ventilator for baby, respirator for baby, respiratory equipment for baby, portable respirator for baby, professional ventilator for baby
    Our company which was founded in 1997 with the name of Modul Elektronik İletişim Hizmetleri started to institutionalize with the title of Module Group Engineering Electronic
    Telephone: +90 312 354 03 73 Address: Alınteri Bulvarı, Gül-86 Sitesi, 1151. Sokak, Ostim, Ankara, Turkey
  • x-ray machine, ventilator, anesthesia machine, lab devices
    Telephone: 008618662714568 Address: No.168 Kaiyuan Road Jiangning District Science Park, Nanjing, 211112, China
  • fan, radial ventilator, tubeaxial fan, roof type fan, cyclone filters
    Telephone: (90)(312) 815 54 12 Address: İSTANBUL YOLU F.SULTAN MEHMET CAD.NO:319 KAZAN KAZAN
  • incubator, ignition spare parts, transport incubator, cable accessory, phototherapy device, oxygen sensors, touch phototherapy device, keypad keypads, ventilator device, ventilator spare parts, anesthesia device, anesthesia spare parts, medical gas systems
  • fan, ventilator, lighting, heat appliance, fly devices, garden products, fans, ventilators, lightings, heat appliances, fly device, garden product
    Telephone: 2562830 Address: Emekyemez mah. Okçumusa Cad. No:8/A Karaköy
  • satellite receivers, satellite receiver, digital satellite receiver, digital satellite receivers, wireless adaptors, wireless adaptor, wireless usb adaptor, smart satellite remote control, satellite remote control, botech ventilator, botech multiswitch
    BOTECH Digital satellite receiver production is one of the largest OEM production companies in Turkey. Our products are export to many countries as Bulgaria, Greece, Germany and
    Telephone: +90 216 592 60 30 Address: Adil Mah. Demokrasi Cad. No:19 34935 Sultanbeyli / İSTANBUL, Turkey
  • fan, ventilator
    Telephone: 90.232.375 53 96 Address: 129 / 7 Sokak No : 18 4. Sanayi Sitesi Bornova / İZMİR- turkey
  • motor, ventilator, aspirator
    Telephone: 0 212 615 33 62 Address: muratpaşa mah.sanayi sok.no 8 bayrampaşa-İSTANBUL
  • electrical products, electrical materials, lamps, lighting products, cables, plug socket, socket, hardwares, couplings, relay, battery, switch, power switch, fire systems, electrical boards, ventilator, street lamps, chandelier
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of electrical products, electrical materials, lamps, lighting products, cables, plug socket, socket, hardwares, couplings, relay, battery,
    Telephone: +90 212 476 88 88 Address: Sultançiftliği Mah. Eski Edirne Asfaltı No: 527/A Sultangazi, İstanbul, Turkey
  • consumables, ventilator, anesthetic apparatus, bed-side monitor, durable consumables
    Telephone: (90)(216) 328 77 00 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH MİTHATPAŞA CAD ORTANCA SOK NO 14/A ÜMRANİYE
  • asthma inhaler (mdi) spacer, multi-functional oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, oem spare part, oxygen concentrator, oxygen product group, spirometer, suction pump, ventilator product group
    Telephone: 3123871074 Address: MACUN MAH. BATI BLV. NO:1/200 YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • cable channel, roof ventilator, panels, switch, switch panels
    Telephone: 4697356-4591006 Address: 1004 SOKAK NO:1-P-23 YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • ventilators, axial ventilators, radial ventilators, filter units, plastic ventilator components, scrubber, exproof ventilator
    Telephone: (90)(212) 551 11 12 Address: ÇOBANÇEŞME SAN.CAD.GENÇ OSMAN SK.NO.16 BAHÇELİEVLER
  • elbows, reductions, nipples, check valve, valve, valves, clutches, scrape holder, safety ventilator, fire cabinet
    Telephone: 0212 606 10 20 – 485 16 51 Address: İ.O.S.B. Çevre Sanayi Sitesi, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cpap devices, ventilator, home care ventilator, nasal mask, labs, eeg devices, bronchial tube
    Telephone: (90)(216) 540 97 97 Address: ŞERİFALİ MAH. ŞEHİT SOK. NO:12 ÜMRANİYE
  • ventilation, air conditioning, ventilator, motor fan, ventilating equipment
    Telephone: 90 212 Address: İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • centrifugal fan, radial fan, roof ventilator, filter units, dry dust filter units, gas filter units, oil vapor filter systems
    Telephone: 90 212 Address: İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • ventilator, fan, industrial type fan, ceiling fan, heating appliance
    Telephone: 90(462)225 03 31 Address: HIZIRBEY MAH. HIZIR SOK. 6/A 17 MERKEZ, TRABZON
  • bed-side monitor, intensive care unit, intensive care ventilator, anesthetic apparatus, operation table, medical devices
    Telephone: 3692417 Address: 1727 SK. NO:12 DAİRE:3 KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • mattress ticking, felt, steel wire, spring, spring systems, foam, mattress air ventilator, mattress handle, mattress tape, non woven spunbond fabric, polyester fiber, adhesive
    Telephone: 2112195 Address: Altınova Mah.Yeni Yalova Cad No:424 5.ofis /4313 Osmangazi
  • fan, ventilator, blower fan, ventilating fan
    Telephone: (90)(212) 544 23 21 Address: VATAN MAH.HASTANE YOLU GENÇ SAN.SİTESİ NO.5 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • fan, ventilator, air conditioning
    Telephone: 90 212 5442321 Address: VATAN MAH. HASTANE YOLU CAD. NO.2/E, BAYRAMPAŞA, İSTANBUL
  • anesthezy, breathing., ventilator cuter monitoring, syring pump, anestezia machine, lamp, operation room, ox concentrare
    medical and ambulance operation room instrument
    Telephone: 009809120915517 Address: tehran iran
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